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DUCKSTER is the coolest duck in the biz. He has all the eggs a digital water fowl could ever want. He ROLLS in eggs. He might have "A DEPENDENCY ISSUE" with eggs.

What sucks about this is that the dreaded GEESE GANG is totally hating on him because they are garbage - and I mean, if you really think about it, no one ever goes "aw, look at that cute goose over there". The Geese are aware of that: it makes them unstable.

Long story short, they want DUCKSTER'S eggs but he's not going to let it happen, because like I said earlier he might have a dependency issue with the eggs.

Collect eggs in a variety of extreme and overwhelming game modes, cool?

This game is hard so get used to it you puppies

This game is hard, just like DUCKSTER's life.


"If you are super into the Jeff Minter's works and Llamasoft's more obscure stuff, if your computer in the childhood was a Commodore 64 and you are missing these days, if you follow the contemporary score-chaser arcade scene and 'Don't Die Mr. Robot DX', 'Death Ray Manta SE', 'Forget-Me-Not<R' or 'Heiankyo Alien 3671' are amongst your favorite games, then 'QUACK ATTACK 1985: TURBO DX EDITION' will completely blow your mind."  -Epilexia 


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Is there a way to unlock the other game modes? I'm really not feeling keep away and I really don't wanna play it anymore.

that video was epic! i followed i hope to see more in the future