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There was a time when The Agent was one of the most ass-kickingest special operatives on the block. Now, he's just your reclusive grandfather who doesn't give anyone the time of day - or didn't, until now. After granddad opens up to your mother again following years of solitude, you find yourself standing in front of his manor one rainy day for a weekend visit.

What follows is a tense, action-packed adventure spanning the various decades of The Agent's career. Acid-washed maniacs, a hulking mute with a gatling gun, tanks and soldiers and dogs - these only scratch the surface of the roller coaster.

Buckle up, baby: things are gonna get a touch rowdy.


  • Zero to sixty – experience low-key tension one moment and explosive mayhem the next. Be ready for anything.
  • Watch your step – You're a normal human! You can only take so much punishment. A few bullets and you're toast. Explosions? Forget it! You're dead! Be careful not to kill yourself with your own grenades, or accidentally shoot destructible objects while you're standing right next to 'em.
  • Roll, Gun, Roll! - Don't expect to waltz your way into a crowd of soldiers or guards and come out the other side unscathed unless you kick ass – a group of enemies will quickly overwhelm you unless you've mastered the art of rollin' and gunnin'!
  • Reactive environment – Most things explode, to your advantage and also to your detriment. So just – be careful, all right?
  • Be ready to die – SOS is full of tough bosses. You might wanna scream, and we encourage it because screaming is good for you!


Your grandfather's got some wild stories, kiddo! Different objects in his study trigger them. Each one features new characters, time periods, and narratives from the Agent's decades-long career. SOS launches with two exciting stories:

  • (1982) MIGHT OF THE STEEL HAND: Take down insane whackjob Lt. Fanibhusan and the Steel Hand Army before they wreck an unstable region's only hope at peace!
  • (1987) SIERRA NEVER: When a leading science lab goes rogue and kidnaps the Order of the Green's Dr. Brooke, it's up to Agent to infiltrate the compound and rescue her. Rumor has it an old friend is hot on the Agent's trail and seeking the good Doctor for his own gains...
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
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TagsAction-Adventure, Narrative, Short, sos, specialoperative, spy, Stealth, Story Rich, Top down shooter


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some reason the game get stuck with e button right up to gate at top after fighting rock

is the steam version update to date as well? or???

Yup! Both versions up to date.

cant believe i was the first one to post! 10 months ago




Hi again! I again had problems, but in terms of passing the game itself. In chapter 2, where you need to shoot a gun from a helicopter in a car, I cannot understand how to dodge me, or to escape flying bullets. For about an hour I was tormented and could not understand.

did you fix it?

Yo! Must have missed this one. This is just a tough boss fight, you have to really pummel the chopper with bullets. Drive forward and backward on the road along the allotted area, and time your movements passing beneath the chopper between each volley of bullets. Avoiding gunfire is easier from the back of the chopper so try and keep most of your time behind it, when you're in front it'll use its vulcan gun. Keep your velocity up by staying constantly on the move - if you slow down it's harder to control your vehicle. We know all this advice is super late but hopefully it was still helpful! Cheers bud!


Hey, uh, far as I can tell there's no way to save and quit? I can't even find a way to exit the game from within the game.

Hey Pinguino! Thanks so much for reaching out. Let's get those questions answered:

SOS auto-saves at specific story points, generally after the completion of an episode. The initial design was that episodes were meant to be cleared in one shot. SOS is very much a game of mastering a small-ish chunk of content to crack open a chunk of new content. The goal's not so much to progress through an episode incrementally via frequent checkpoints, but to keep failing until you can crush the entire episode in 20 minutes.

If we redid the game today we'd add a more modern checkpoint system for sure. We may or may not have our hands full already at the moment, though...

Regarding exiting the game, press and hold the ESC key for a few seconds and the game will close.

We definitely want to revisit SOS some day in the future - and we're listening to every bit of feedback we get from all of you for when that time comes!

Oops, we got a bit ramble-y there. Thanks for supporting us, hope you'll look forward to what we're cooking up next.


Thanks for the reply! I think I get it. I had a hard time gauging how long each episode was so I just found time to rush through it at once. Good luck with the current project :)

Right on, thank you! 

Again, your feedback's super appreciated. Hope you ultimately enjoyed the ride.



Will there be any controler support?

This game is so cool but I am so bad with the keyboard.

Hope that's seomthing possible in the future

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Yo! Thank you so much for the kind words and the feedback, means a lot to us.

Right now our small crew may or may not have our hands full with a new project, so we unfortunately don't have the manpower to undertake something of that scope at the moment. We will say that we love SOS a lot and want to revisit it some day in the future - and we're listening to every bit of feedback we get from all of you for when that time comes! If we add controller support, we'll reach out to you for sure.

We hope you'll continue to support our team, and look forward to what we're cooking up next. All our best!


Hello! I had a big problem in the game. With the passage of episode 1, where I have to shoot for 70 seconds, and when a car comes with a person, the game takes off for me, and this happens every time. I do not know what could be the problem. In these cases, I looked at the settings of Nvidia, and set it on the graphics processor, and still it does not change anything. The operating system itself I have is Windows 10, and the problem I have is either changing, then either I do not have anything at all. And for this meat grinder, I can not go further, but the game itself is very much liked. Help me please. Steam version!

Hey! Sorry you're having trouble with the game. Could you elaborate on what you mean by the game 'taking off' on you? Do you mean that the game is completely crashing or does something else happen at that point? Thanks!

The problem here is that when I get to this very meat grinder where I need to hold on for 90 seconds, and after they pass, a green car with a man comes in and right there for 3 or 1 second, the game crashes.

Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying. We'll try and figure out what's going on. We just tried reproducing on this end and got through that moment in the Holdout with no crashes. If we can repro it and figure out what's wrong, we'll drop you a line for sure!

Sorry again, we always hate when people run into problems playing our games!


Thanks for the answer! Fortunately, I managed to solve this given problem! Now I got to the second chapter! I myself am writing to you from Russia and this game has dragged me on for how long that I still consider it a masterpiece of the old school. I also bought your games: The Grayman, Quack Attak 1985. But this game is the most important masterpiece. I really want to translate your games into Russian, thereby distributing your masterpieces to Russian people!

No problem, and thank YOU for these incredibly kind words. We are very happy to hear things got resolved! Nice work. As far as localization goes, you'll definitely be the first to know if we decide to translate this game into Russian!

We make games for one reason: we want people to have fun and be happy (Okay, that might technically be TWO reasons). So to know that you've enjoyed SOS so much really does make our day.

We're deeply appreciative of your generous words and hope that you continue to enjoy our games forever. Your support is vital to indies like us. Thanks for being a fan!


Warning: spoilers!

This is SUCH a fun casual shooter. I never thought that a self-reloading handgun could do so much damage, haha. The pixel art is so great, the explosions are incredibly well done, and the awesome music and fitting sound effects pretty much carry all of the rest!

I can tell your team had a lot of fun making this game. There was so much detail, such as the shrinking of the pixelated kid when walking up to the mansion in the opening scene. I loved the diverse scenes like the car-to-car combat, the holdout scene involving 3 turrets, and the beginning scene of Story II (which was hilarious!).

Will further updates be done? My reservations are quality-of-life matters, such as:

  • There is no indication of whether a cutscene is in effect and when you should assume control of a character. Having a brief WASD popup (at least/especially at the beginning of the game) until the character moves would be nice.
  • Some dialogue advances through E, while other dialogue auto-advances, but there's no indication of which will happen. The inconsistency was weird, and the automated dialogue was way too slow (such as when you try to disturb items in the mansion and are chastised by the butler).
  • When it comes to accessing computers, it would have been nice if there was some animated down-arrow indicator or something similar  telling you to mash E instead of just press it once or hold it down like in other games; I was confused for a bit as to why nothing was happening.
  • After defeating the three bosses (which equates to "after dying a lot"), I was able to make a duplicate call on the telephone box about the bosses-to-kill, which shouldn't have happened.
  • The indoor scene when you're supposed to go back outside only to find out that you're surrounded: I did not understand that I had to leave. A more obvious prompt would have been nice, like ("Hmm, there seems to be nothing here for me").
  • It's really weird that the Escape key does not invoke any kind of pause or anything at all, nor can the volume of either the music or sound effects be adjusted. After the first recollection involving the hat, I was scared that I'd lose my progress if I simply Alt+F4'd out of the game (I'm glad that didn't happen).

If these kinds of quality-of-life factors could be addressed, I'd absolutely bump up my 4🌟 rating to 5!

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Wow! Man, this comment got us jazzed up. Thank you for such a thorough and heartfelt review, means a lot to us that you enjoyed the game so much. It was a huge undertaking for just two people (our team size at the time) and we poured a lot into it.

All of your feedback is solid, and some of it's actually on our longstanding 'stuff to fix one day' list already! This sort of thing is invaluable to us so thank you for taking the time to write it. Can't say we know exactly when we'll be updating SOS again - as we may or may not presently have our hands full with something else wink wink - but whenever we do, this will all be taken into consideration and we'll implement as much as we can.

Keep on rolling!


wow its my past life!