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A mysterious landing

 What could this mean for the visitors of Tinderboone National Park..?

A curious glowing entity

Assume the role of an extra dimensional being that gets weird in the woods, night after night. 

 An expansive national park

Wander across an interactive open world environment, and encounter the humans that hang around in it.


  • Be an alien
  • Chill out in the woods
  • UFO fast travel
  • Say "Hello" to humans
  • At least 10 layers of parallax, wow
  • Creep around an ever changing environment
  • Unlock new cosmic abilities
  • Insect friends
  • Move around using a keyboard
  • Occasional forest fire surprises
  • Very funky music soundtrack (real instruments?!)
  • Experiment with touching things

The Grey Man is waiting for you.

Rated 2.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
TagsAliens, Exploration, Narrative, national-park, nature, Story Rich, Walking simulator


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Is it possible to run this game without doing a resolution change? Or is it possible to run it in window mode? Changing resolution interferes with my capture card, since it can't handle a resolution change in the middle of capture. I was hoping to stream this in a week, but I can't do it unless I can run it in window mode somehow. - Lily

how do i clear out the save file and start from the beginning? i installed it through the exe file and also the itch.io app

Hey there!

To delete your save, press the X key on your keyboard while you're on the main menu (the one with the Grey Man logo + the mandala). A prompt beneath the other menu actions at the center-bottom of the screen will ask you to press Y to confirm before deletion.

Have fun!


Tried to launch game, it messed with my resolution but didn't stay on screen. Minimized to task bar immediately and goes back any time I try to switch to it. Unplayable.

Hey! Sorry to hear that, never something we want to hear.

Mind telling us what OS you're using?


Windows 10

Thanks for letting us know - we've tested on several Windows 10 machines at this point and haven't been able to reproduce the issue. We'll keep trying and let you know what we turn up. If you think of anything else in the meantime that might help us reproduce this problem drop us a line!


I had closed and relaunched to same results that same day. Just launched the game again to see if I can get any extra details on the issue.. and it launched just fine.

I can't alt tab out and back in, however, as the game doesn't return to full screen and doesn't display itself: I get a window border in top left of my monitor around other things already on my screen. Audio still functional, however.

HEY! Trying to play, but had to exit briefly and can't figure out how start from the screen where the greyman spins the cubes..There's no instruction? I can use A and D to spin cubes, but nothing allows me to select. Tried LM, RM, Space, Q, and enter--nothing works. :( So I can't get back into the game.

Hey there! Sorry you're experiencing issues but the good news is we can probably help with that.

While in the Craft, using A and D will navigate between different fast travel points in the Park. (It only cycles through those that are unlocked.) Pressing Space will initiate teleportation.

Your only option until you've unlocked multiple fast travel points is to press Space and teleport to the first one that's unlocked. You'll know everything is going according to plan when the Grey Man removes his hands from the cubes and prepares for teleportation. If Space didn't work initially on a screen with a single fast travel point unlocked, try entering the screen and hitting Space without pressing A or D beforehand.

Let us know if you're not seeing any unlocked fast travel points when you enter this screen or if hitting Space is still not working for you after trying the above.

You can also check out the included User Manual for a detailed breakdown of all the game's controls.

Happy explorations, traveler. May your future teleportation efforts be successful.


Научите так же(

instead of installing via the itch.io launcher, it sends me to this page instead. looks cool, I wanna give it a play, but cant figure out how

Yo! Thanks for checking us out. Sorry you're having trouble but this is definitely a tech support issue - please reach out to itch.io directly for support.

Best of luck - we hope this gets sorted out soon so that you can play!



i read this: https://itch.io/t/672846/install-directly-in-app-vs-open-page i think you might have to adjust something on your end?


Done and done! Try now.

aaand installing!